As the expedition nears completion, the frosting on the cake is this magical island isolated from the rest of the archipelago. Genovesa is also known as “Bird Island.” Well, once you arrive there’s no doubt where it got its name! There are sea birds everywhere: on the branches, on the ground, nesting, up in the air, hunting, stealing food, mating, feeding, etc. The sky is filled with not only sea birds but land birds such as finches, mockingbirds, doves, herons, and the famous diurnal short-eared owl. This island has the peculiarity of not having some of the creatures that are very common elsewhere in Galapagos. There are no giant tortoises, hawks, land iguanas, snakes yellow warblers, rats, bats, cuckoos, etc. We had a lot of fun exploring this astonishing spot. We went hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking, we took photos and enjoyed simply sitting on the lava contemplating this magical world.