Today, we woke up inside of the majestic caldera of Genovesa Volcano after navigating along the northeastern corner of the archipelago. We started the day with an amazing pre-breakfast kayak along one of the island’s cliffsides. We saw many seabirds nesting and resting on the rocks along the coast.

After breakfast, we visited Darwin Bay, which was full of red-footed boobies. This place is home to the world’s largest population, some 200,000. The morning ended with a phenomenal snorkeling. As we swam, we were surrounded by plenty of colorful fish and fur seals.

After lunch, we went for a second round of kayaking. We took magical photos of different species of wildlife. Later, we visited Prince Philip’s Steps. We walked through the incense trees and yellow Cordia forest to a lava field full of wildlife. We spotted Galapagos mockingbirds, endemic Nazca boobies with their chicks, and many frigatebirds. We finished the day with a wine tasting at sunset. It was a perfect way to end our fantastic journey!