Today’s adventure began with a wet landing on a white coralline beach in Darwin Bay, named for the archipelago’s most famous visitor, Charles Darwin. At low tide we walked on a platform surrounded by birds of all kinds, many taking care of their chicks. The water had risen to our knees by the time we turned to go back. The slow flowing water brought into our midst a few sea lions, including a large male who let us know who was boss.

After a final snorkeling session, we enjoyed a delicious lunch and received instructions about disembarkation. But our journey was not over just yet. There was another kayak outing and a landing at Prince Philip’s Steps, where we were surrounded by Nazca boobies, red-footed boobies, and frigatebirds. We also spotted the well-camouflaged diurnal raptor, the short-eared owl.

As we looked back on our wonderful week in the Galapagos, we are reminded to do all we can to protect these special islands.

Adiós amigos.