Espanola Island, located in the southeastern corner of the Galapagos, has two of the most spectacular visitors’ sites of the Galapagos archipelago. Today on our expedition, we visited both, Gardner Bay in the morning and Punta Suarez in the afternoon.

Early in the morning before breakfast, we went kayaking around Gardner Bay. Later, we went snorkeling and spent precious time on a gorgeous white sandy beach surrounded by turquoise waters. A large Galapagos sea lion colony calls this place home.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a great hike at Punta Suarez. We spotted and admired colorful Española marine iguanas; curious Española mockingbirds; Galapagos sea lions including several newborn babies; Nazca and blue-footed boobies; and the stunning waved albatrosses, among other species.

On this island, we have an explosion of wildlife and breathtaking landscapes!