Today's adventure whisked us away to enchanting Futuna, where tales of resilience and tradition echo through the land. Guided by experts, we journeyed back in time, tracing the footsteps of the ancient Lapita civilization. Marveling at ancient artifacts, we admired the ingenuity of past generations.

Our exploration led us to the World's Last Cannibal Oven, a poignant reminder of Futuna's complex history. Amidst verdant taro plantations, we learned of the island's defiance against Tongan invasions, preserving its cultural identity.

We visited the Cathedral of Poi, where locals honor Saint Pierre Chanel, whose legacy resonates across Polynesia. A cultural war dance immersed us in Futuna's vibrant spirit, brimming with tradition.

We reveled in local delights, from snorkeling in pristine waters, to basking on sandy shores. As the day closed, we shared tales over tea and cocktails, cherishing our connections to Futuna's past and present.