On our way to Haines this morning we stopped for a while to watch three humpback whales swimming very close to a group of Steller's sea lions. A cow-calf pair along with another whale swam in tight circles near the shore, while the sea lions took turns sliding down slick rocks into the water and then climbing back out.

After breakfast the ship arrived in Haines, where everyone split up into different groups for the activities of the day. There was a raft trip offered, a great opportunity for flightseeing as the weather was absolutely perfect, and a few people went to a fishing lodge to try their luck with trout and salmon. The remainder of the guests, about 12, went on a 5 mile hike on a local trail to the top of Mt. Riley. From there incredible views were had of the Taiya and Chilkat Inlets. The photo was taken from the top of Mt. Riley looking up the Chilkat Inlet. The views of the Mountains and the glaciers to the west of Haines were spectacular.