Every day you see something new in the Galapagos. Today we had beautifully warm water (about 76 degrees Fahrenheit), while a slightly overcast sky kept the air temperatures pleasantly down (about 80 degrees Fahrenheit). It was a great day for snorkeling after the warm walk, and what an incredible outing we had today! Most of our intrepid snorkelers came nose to nose with a largish school of hammerhead sharks, and also witnessed the underwater encounter of a large school of golden cow-nose rays with some large manta rays!

On land, we walked around a nice white sand beach on Genovesa Island, among hundreds of seabirds with red, blue, gray and yellow feet. The most impressive bird of all, however, was the frigatebird. These magnificent birds have now entered the breeding season, and are all working very hard, shaking their wings and singing like mad, trying to attract the attention of the females flying around overhead. Several of them were successful in attracting a mate, but others were there for hours, and begun to feel so tired that they found an alternative use for their gular pouches: as a pillow! This was definitely a more comfortable way to sit a wait for their better half!