What a beautiful day we had on Floreana, the most mysterious sisland in the Galapagos Archipelago! The morning began with a pre-breakfast outing to visit the famous Post Office Barrel, and the we explored several tiny islets by Zodiac. We found sea lions basking in the warmth of the early sun. After breakfast we had great snorkeling off of Champion Island, where we enjoyed swimming among schools of colorful fish, curious sea lions and even a few sharks. In the afternoon we landed on a greenish olivine beach at Punta Cormorant. The walk we took here was excellent, the weather was perfect, and it was a special experience to hike among Floreana's unique plants. The Lecocarpus pinnatifidus and Scalesia villosa that are in my photo are plants that are found only in the Galapagos. As the sun was setting we took the Zodiacs back to the ship.