We awoke once more in the center of the archipelago, and as we stumbled out on deck after our early-morning wake up call, we were confronted by a spectacular but stark scenery. A volcanic moonscape of rust colored parasitic cones surrounded by a more recent black lava flow, a dry area caught in the rain shadow of larger islands. We anchored opposite the small cone-islet of Bartolome, where an early morning climb up 372 wooden steps certainly got our blood pumping! We then however had a lovely restful time on the beach, where we saw such highlights as sharks, octopus and many species of colorful reef fish. The most remarkable experience of all though must have been snorkeling with the incredibly adorable Galapagos penguins. A small colony can be found in this area, and they were particularly busy today, rounding up schools of tiny salemas, then going in for the catch, which many of us were able to witness. Where else would you be brave enough to get in the water with penguins?!!!