Today We awoke to a beautiful sunrise over dramatic cloud formations, in the proximity of a small, rocky outcrop standing alone in the middle of the ocean, Roca Redonda. Hundreds of seabirds were flying around the Polaris, while a small group of dolphins could be seen feeding. The waters in this westernmost part of the archipelago were cold and green, so particularly rich, and this marked the first of our whale sightings for many months. Two Bryde’s whales regularly surfaced before our eyes, before diving down into the depths. Another strange oceanic creature also made an appearance, the ocean sunfish, or Mola mola. It was truly a magnificent beginning to a day spent surrounded by tall volcanoes covered in black lava flows, and populated by strange and wonderful creatures such as flightless cormorants (we photographed one feeding a chick), and equatorial Galapagos penguins.