Floreana Island

As usual our first stop is Post Office Bay, on the northern shore of this island. A visitor’s site that is full of memories and anecdotes referring to the human history of the Galápagos. We had a merry moment surfing through a big pack of postcards and everybody was alert, waiting for a chance to collect one to hand deliver once they all reach their home destination.

We also checked an interesting episode of history that included some crazy people who came in the 1930’s to this very island, and enrolled themselves in an incredible survival saga that is worthy of a good soap opera.

In midmorning we got into our wet suits and started an exciting exploration of the underwater realms at Champion islet. Even though we found just a couple of sea lions, the experience was incredible and really invigorating (especially considering the temperature of the ocean:  62 Fahrenheit). The visibility surpassed 100 feet and the fish were exuberant. When we left the sea we were certainly happy and… cold!

Still we found lots of fun in the afternoon half of our expedition with the kayaking as the first activity. We got close, very close to some sea turtles and many red billed tropic birds flew past our heads. A small flock of blue-footed boobies started a little feeding frenzy around the kayaks and we witnessed the boobies’ ability to catch fish.

On land, we explored the hyper saline lagoon, where 18 flamingos wandered filtering food from the organic ooze. Some finches were accompanying us along the trail, as well as a dark billed cuckoo, but things were going to get even hotter at the end of the day.

It was a last minute surprise when everybody, returning to the ship, came in contact with a pod of at least ten Bryde’s whales. A couple of them were very close to the Zodiacs, but at the horizon it was possible to see many blows scattered here and there covering a big area of the surrounding ocean.

Once again we have been blessed by the magic touch of Mother Nature.