Mooring lines of the Caledonian Star:

Our small band of desert explorers reunited with the Caledonian Star today. There were many stories to be shared between us and the folks who made the trip by sea to Arica, Chile's northernmost port. Evidently the sea was bountiful, with three species of whales, two species of beaked whales, and many, many dolphins. A new group of voyagers have also joined us "old salts" today.

Arica is a strange town, an oasis in the harshest desert in the world, rich in beauty and history. A thin green ribbon twists and turns from the mountains to the sea -- a road that was followed by ancient traders and wanderers who made giant glyphs of themselves and their animals on the high sandy bluffs. Were they signs of possession, or direction, or simply for celebration and hope?

At the end of the road there is the sea and thousands of birds, including the wondrous Inca terns who feel right at home on the mooring lines of the Caledonian Star, watching the sunset, and the play of rosy colors on the water, the boats, the buildings, the people of Arica, and us as we return from an afternoon of exploration.