Today we had the opportunity to go to Friday Harbor. The town welcomed us with free ice cream and theatrical plays. We had several team members and guests who call this cozy port their home. Friday Harbor, nestled on San Juan Island in Washington state, has a storied history deeply rooted in its maritime heritage and territorial disputes. Established in 1859, the town's name derives from the boat "Friday," and it became the county seat of San Juan County. Notably, the San Juan Islands were at the center of the peaceful "Pig War" conflict between American and British forces in 1859, eventually leading to their resolution and the establishment of the U.S.-Canadian border. Over time, Friday Harbor evolved from a fishing and agricultural community into a thriving tourist destination. It offers a picturesque harbor, an historic downtown, and a prominent marine biology research institution, the Friday Harbor Laboratories, affiliated with the University of Washington, all while it preserves its rich historical character.

Guests had the opportunity to see both the American Camp and the English Camp where guests could see the contrast in lifestyles of the two countries at the time. The American Camp had rolling hills that were once carved out by glaciers. The English Camp showed totems from the First Nations people and had Canadian geese running wild.

In the afternoon the guests could explore, however, the dive team went on an adventure just off the shore. Shawn and Sierra were able to find a giant lingcod, hermit crabs, nudibranch, and Christmas Tree worms. The shelves of the undersea world were teeming with wildlife despite being filled with urchins. It was a marvelous dive to end a marvelous day!