Today our itinerary brought us to a very enigmatic island, Floreana. The island was named for former president Juan Jose Flores. During Flores’ presidency, the Galapagos officially became a province of Ecuador. We visited the iconic and historic post office barrel, where sailors once dropped off mail before continuing their journeys. Our guests followed the tradition by picking up mail and leaving behind their own for future travelers. We enjoyed exploring this beautiful area by kayak. Later, we went to the water for a spectacular snorkeling session. Playful young sea lions entertained our guests with their unique underwater skills.

Our afternoon was full of excitement, too. We left midafternoon without knowing what was waiting for us: a very large flock, or a flamboyance, of flamingos! We spotted around sixty flamingos this afternoon, and at least twelve nests were observed. This is a pretty unique sighting, as the average number for this site fluctuates between two and ten.

What a great day on the mysterious island of Floreana!