Floreana Island is located in the south of the Galapagos Islands. It is also known as the island of mysteries, as some extraordinary events happened here in the 1930s. Some of the inhabitants died and faced tragedy in unclear circumstances.

We started the day with groups kayaking while others made a wet landing to visit the iconic mail barrel, which was set up by whalers for communication in the late 1700s. Postcards and letters are left here to be taken home to be hand delivered by passing visitors, just as whalers did long ago.

Kayakers and Zodiac drivers enjoy the landscape as well as the wildlife around the rocky and sandy island near Post Office Bay.

Around midmorning, we navigated to nearby Champion Island for Zodiac rides to observe the geology and wildlife that is aplenty there. Later, we did some snorkeling to explore one of the most incredible underwater spots in the world. Sea lions were the stars of the show.

The afternoon takes us back to Floreana to visit Cormorant Point. Here we landed on brown-green sand with olivine crystals present in the surrounding tuff formations. The wind, sea, and plant life have eroded the land. Behind the beach, a brackish water lagoon is home for a handful of birds, like flamingoes and ducks.

The white sandy beach is a concentration of beauty and wildlife of all sorts, including stingrays, reef sharks, and the turtles that lay their eggs here. Back on the landing area, a few nesting blue-footed boobies were subjects of admiration and photography.

After a day full of activities and active, unique wildlife, we ended our day on the amazing Galapagos Islands.