As the day broke, we were ready to leave the ship to visit the post office barrel at Post Office Bay. An old wine barrel is hidden just a few steps behind the beach. Whalers left this barrel in the 1800s, hoping that future travelers might hand-deliver their letters to loved ones back home. The barrel is still in use.

After dropping off our mail to be picked up and delivered home by another visitor to Floreana Island, we headed out for Zodiac rides, kayaking and paddleboarding before breakfast. We enjoyed wonderful weather as we spotted wildlife.

During breakfast, we navigated to Champion Island, where we embarked on Zodiacs again. Just as we headed out, we spotted dolphins coming our way. We had the most beautiful time with these adorable creatures and their graceful porpoising.

Later, we were ready to explore the wonders of this biodiverse reserve. We enjoyed seeing all kinds of fish in different shapes and colors. We also enjoyed the adorable company of playful young sea lions.

In the afternoon, we headed out for Punta Cormorant. On this white sand beach, turtles lay eggs, boobies nest and flamingos eat the shrimp and algae responsible for their pink color. The dolphins wanted to put on a show for us. This time, they invited the orcas to join. Together, they attacked fish right in front of our eyes. This was how we finished another full day of excitement and joy.