Today we woke up at Post Office Bay in Floreana Island. Here we disembarked for a pre-breakfast outing to visit the post office barrel, where we had a unique moment talking about the human history during the time when whalers came to these islands. This visit was followed by a Zodiac ride and kayaking along the bay where guests had close encounters with playful sea lions and sea turtles. We ended the morning with a snorkel outing along the shore of Champion Islet, right in front of Floreana Island.

In the afternoon, after a delicious lunch, we went to visit a special place, Cormorant Point. Here we were surprised by a few juvenile blue-footed boobies and could even see the moment when a mother arrived with food to feed a chick.

This place was special also for plant lovers, since we found a few of the most iconic endemic plants found in Floreana, including the endemic genus, Lecocarpus sp., and the endemic version of Lantana sp. We walked all the way across Cormorant Point to a beach where we found many holes that belong to sea turtle nests. And even though it is quite unexpected to have nesting green sea turtles this early, we were blessed to find baby sea turtles hatching during the day. This was probably one of the most special moment of this afternoon, or even of this whole day of exploration in Floreana Island.