Today we visited Floreana Island, named after our first president Juan José Flores, who annexed the Galápagos to Ecuador two years after we became independent in 1830. This island is known in books and documentaries for its mysterious human history; its first colonizers did not quite get along, and some people went missing. However, those are stories from the past. Today we got to enjoy the real beauty of the island, its natural history.

In the morning we visited Punta Cormorant, a visitor’s site known for its brackish water lagoon where greater flamingoes nest, and its white sanded beach where green sea turtles nest. The rest of the morning continued in the water, with one of the beautiful snorkeling sightings we have in the Galapagos along Champion Islet. Afternoon activities continued in the water, with our first kayaking outing along the Baroness Bay.

We ended the day following the mailing tradition of the Galapagos Islands. This tradition was used by passing sailors to hand deliver mail from other mail mates. Today we continue the tradition with our guests.