Today we woke up with a pre-breakfast hike on Floreana Island. This island was one of the first to be inhabited due to its sources of freshwater. Floreana Island was named after our first president, Juan José Flores, who annexed the islands to Ecuador two years after we became an independent country in 1830.

Today there is a town with around 300 people. During our visit, we got to explore the National Park area of the islands. Our first visit started at Cormorant Point, home to sea turtles, sea lions, nesting blue-footed boobies, and greater flamingos. This site has one of the few lagoons where flamingos feed and nest. The morning continued in the water with snorkeling and the first outing of our glass-bottom boat!

In the afternoon, we explored Post Office Bay. As its name states, this site hosts the oldest mailing system of the South Pacific. We went back in time and sent mail like buccaneers did in the past. We put our postcards in a wine barrel and hoped for a passing explorer to hand deliver them back home.

The afternoon ended with a beautiful kayak outing surrounded with sea turtles, flamingos, sea lions, and a beautiful sunset!