Today we visited an island steeped in human history and Galapagos wildlife, the island of Floreana. It started with a beautiful sunrise hike at Punta Cormorant looking for seabirds and sea turtle tracks. We then took our expedition to the underwater world, snorkeling at beautiful Champion Islet.

As soon as we jumped in the water the excitement was palpable, fish were everywhere we looked. Blue-footed boobies were diving in the water to get food, the water was as blue and transparent as sea lions came to play with us. It was a fantastic snorkel full of life and happiness! However, the adventure was not over yet for today.

For the afternoon, we got to go back in time and send mail as sailors used to do by visiting Post Office Bay, a beach at Floreana Island with a wine barrel where visitors send and get mail to be delivered personally. The tradition has continued this way over centuries. This perfect day ended with an incredible kayak outing during sunset, where we spotted sea lions, blue-footed boobies, pelicans and sea turtles. Today certainly was another perfect day in paradise!