The day started with a planned hike on Antarctic Haven. As the fog rolled in, we decided to seek better and safer spots to do our activities, and as the fog lifted and the blue skies appeared, we ventured in to the beautiful Flemingfjord.

During the ship cruise, we had a very interesting lecture on the polar expeditions, leaving us with a feeling for the hardships these brave people went through when they crossed Greenland.

When we arrived to Flemingfjord, the sun was shining. The wind was absolutely still, leaving beautiful reflections of icebergs on the water. What better way to spend our day than by doing a little bit of everything! A few of us went on a long hike to explore the beaches and hills around the bay, accompanied by a few musk oxen. The rest of the guests enjoyed their fair share of water activities with both Zodiac cruises and kayaking around the icebergs. It was a lovely afternoon in an amazing landscape.