WOW! What a day. From sunrise to sunset, today was spectacular. Whales, hiking, waterfalls, and blue skies galore.

Whales were spotted just after sunrise, and we slowly approached. The water was boiling with fish, and the humpbacks were surface lunge-feeding on their sides. Over and over, and in every direction. Later, we witnessed a whale breaching in the distance, so we went to investigate. We got lucky, as this whale continued to launch itself into the air before slamming down with a massive splash.

In the afternoon, we cruised into beautiful Thomas Bay and Cascade Creek, where it was time not only to hike but also to see a massive waterfall. I filled my belly with berries and my phone with photos of the lush vegetation and cool mushrooms. Strenuous hikers “enjoyed” the boot sucking mud and got some serious elevation gains.

As the evening progressed, we enjoyed stunning scenery and the iconic peak of Devils Thumb before entering Wrangell Narrows.