Today was the last full day of our expedition and we went to the most western region in the Galapagos to explore. Fernandina Island and Punta Vicente Roca provide invaluable insights into the unique biodiversity and geological dynamics of this iconic archipelago. The presence of flightless cormorants, marine iguanas, penguins, and distinctive geological formations underscore the significance of these locations for scientific research and conservation efforts.

Our guests were thrilled to see the beauty of this island. We went for a hike then a snorkel with sea lions, marine iguanas, cormorants, and several other species. After lunch we had a spectacular Zodiac ride, and we ended the day with a farewell cocktail on the sky deck with a beautiful sunset. It was a great day!

Photo caption and credit: Marine iguanas sunbathing at Fernandina. Marine Iguanas are the perfect example of adaptation in the Galapagos, they are abundant in the area, utilizing the nutrient-rich waters for feeding and the rocky outcrops for basking. Close observation revealed intricate social interactions among these reptiles, as well as their remarkable ability to withstand harsh marine conditions. Photo by Roberta Schiess