Our expedition took us to the western region of the Galápagos Islands. We started the day navigating along the volcanic coastline of Isabela Island aboard National Geographic Endeavour II. Our first outing was to Fernandina Island, where we had one of the best encounters with marine iguanas. They were everywhere, sneezing, resting, basking under the morning sun—this place is amazing! Sea lions and flightless cormorants were in the area, too, giving us great opportunities to take pictures.

After visiting Fernandina Island, it was time to explore the underwater world of this place. We lost count of the sea turtles around us — it was an exceptional morning!

We headed to Isabela Island for a Zodiac tour, where we observed exquisite geological formations. Penguins fished for little sardines and rested on the rocky shore of Punta Vicente Roca. Blue-footed boobies rested on the little ledges, and brown noddies courted each other. We also found a large colony of sea lions.

After exploring the shores, our captain and crew raised the anchor and took us to the equatorial line to enjoy a wine tasting and an amazing sunset. We are having an extraordinary day here aboard National Geographic Endeavour II!