Today we woke up on the far western side of the archipelago. Before breakfast, we searched for whales and dolphins in the Bolivar Canal. After which, we disembarked at Punta Espinoza, Fernandina Island. This site is an endemic species hotspot; we observed Galapagos hawks, marine iguanas, sea lions, lava cacti, flightless cormorants, lava lizards, and more. We were lucky enough to spot a juvenile Galapagos hawk hunt a juvenile marine iguana and a Pacific green sea turtle bask in the sun.

After the hike, we went snorkeling in the area. There were many marine iguanas and sea turtles grazing on green algae. In the afternoon, we went for Zodiac cruises at Punta Vicente Roca. Finally, we enjoyed a wine tasting event on the sky deck during sunset while crossing the equator.