Kaoha nui, or greetings and welcome to Fatu Hiva Island of the Marquesas Archipelago.

National Geographic Orion arrived at the village of Omoa on the island of Fatu Hiva at the crack of dawn, 6:00 am. The birders were taken ashore to begin their excursion through the valleys in search of the endemic Marquesan monarch, a bird only found on this island.

While the birders headed off on their mission, the ship repositioned to a bay named the Bay of Virgins by the first Europeans. The bay is commonly known by locals as Hanavave.

Since it was a Saturday, the community had come together for an afternoon of sports with the village of Hanavave hosting rivals from the village of Omoa. The village’s small population vocally supported their home team.

Guests took walks through the village and enjoyed the lush vegetation and the odd goat, cow, or horse that happened to walk by.

A presentation of craft, tapa making, and dance was enjoyed by all as the locals shared their culture with us.