Today we had one of the most incredible experiences one can have on a tropical expedition.

We started our gorgeous morning sailing along Fakarava Atoll and shaking our hips for Ura with Kura. Our cultural specialist onboard, Kura, showed us some traditional dance movements.

Greeted by the local community who welcomed us with fresh coconut water, we were eager to get in the water and drift snorkel the South Pass of the Fakarava Atoll. The local guides took us along the coral reef wall drifting with the incoming current. Right under us was an incredible scene of the richest biodiversity of the world. The colors, the fish, and the marine life were just mesmerizing. What an unforgettable experience.

After the most incredible snorkeling excursion we visited the pink beach where the bar team from National Geographic Orion awaited us with fresh drinks and cocktails. We ended our day on a beautiful, picturesque colored beach in paradise.

What an incredible day!