The last day of any voyage is usually rife with emotions high and low, and today was no different. Passengers aboard National Geographic Sea Lion awoke to idyllic conditions to snorkel at the Aquarium, a vibrant reef in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. Snorkelers were privy to the intimate happenings of the underwater world. Sea fans swayed in the current with nudibranchs hanging on for safety, invasive lionfish corralled hordes of unsuspecting silverside, and French grunts lurked in the shadows – the drama of the natural world was on full display.

After lunch, we snorkeled the caves of Rocky Dundas, an area where ancient limestone clashes with the sea. The contrast of the bright ceruleans and dull stone was a reminder of all the colors we have seen on this trip…on islands, beneath the sea, and in the sky. When we left the water, we did so with heavy but satisfied hearts. We have seen as much of this place as we could, and it will be sorely missed.

Late afternoon was a time for recollection, hugs, and optimism. The beauty of the Lindblad-National Geographic family lies in the fact that our expeditions are never quite over, and we all hope to see one another once again. It is our sincere hope that the friendships kindled this week are only just beginning to flourish.