A light breeze and a beautiful sunrise met our guests this morning. A few small dinghies were out and about but for the most part, the waterway was calm. Our destination this morning is the wonderful Sea Aquarium located in the heart of the Bahamas Land and Sea Park of the Exuma Cays. This incredibly small cove provided some of the best snorkeling of the trip, if not the best. The most common utterance during the morning’s activity was, “Fish galore!” A beautiful shallow reef backed by a small island enabled our guests to jump into the water and view huge shoals and schools of fishes. Bright colors whirled around us at various rates. Tangs and angelfish quickly shot by, while a pufferfish hovered in place, and a southern stingray stared up at us from a sandy patch below. A magnificent way to begin the day!

The winds attempted to catch up with us today, to some avail. The tides and current were mostly on our side, but they still caused a slight change in plans. Luckily, the only thing our Expedition Leader Travis Patten needed to change was the timing of activities. “The Bahamas is an excellent location for an expedition because even if conditions worsen, you can choose another equally exciting location that allows for the same activities!” Travis said.

In the afternoon, we ventured to Rocky Dundas – a limestone wall with several cavern systems in it. A fantastic place to go spelunking! The adventure is getting there. We got into our wetsuits and jumped into the water to snorkel into the opening of one cavern. A large cathedral seemed to appear before us as sunlight trickled in through the opening at the top. A truly wonderful last day in the Bahamas. See you soon, folks!