Today, we explored Espanola. The island is located on the far south side of the archipelago, and it is influenced by the cold waters of the Antarctic. Our prebreakfast outing took place by the cliffs, where we explored the shore in kayaks. Suddenly, a humpback whale showed up with its baby! The small whale kept jumping in the water and giving us a full show! This is the time of year when humpbacks begin to migrate to the equator to give birth and prepare the young ones to return to the cold waters of the south. Kayakers got a very close up experience with these beautiful giants.

We spent the rest of the morning in a sea lion colony at Gardner Bay. In the afternoon, we visited Suarez Point to visit the domain of the waved albatross, a place surrounded by nesting marine birds. Waved albatrosses have started mating, and we witnessed the hatching of an albatross egg! It was a joy to see a newborn!