Today we woke up by one of the most spectacular islands in the Galapagos archipelago, Española. If you are a fan of sea lions and seabirds, this is the island to visit. This destination is packed with wildlife.

In the early morning, we explored the coastline of Española. We observed sea lions, brown pelicans, blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies in flight, plenty of Sally Lightfoot crabs, and more. It was nice and cool, and we enjoyed the landscape while getting a bit of morning exercise. Later, a stretching session was offered on the observation deck for guests who wanted to commune with nature as they started their day.

The morning was still young, and guests had to make a difficult choice. They could go deep water snorkeling in the rich waters of the Galapagos or spend a relaxing morning on the beach in the company of sea lion pups and the curious Española mockingbirds that came very close to inspect us.

The day was not complete until we explored one of the most popular visitors’ sites where countless unique species can be observed. Sea lions greeted us as we arrived at the landing site. Mothers, puppies, and the beach master males were having so much fun in the little lagoon that formed at high tide. As they rested on the black lava rocks, marine iguanas displayed their breeding colors. These stunning colors earn a nickname for the iguanas: the “Christmas iguanas.”

As we kept exploring the trail, we encountered a Nazca booby colony. The boobies breed here, as the seas are very rich. Galapagos doves looking for food were everywhere, and the island’s lava lizard species were busy showing off their pushups.

This was such a touching and memorable afternoon. Nature was the highlight!