Welcome to our first full day of adventure aboard National Geographic Venture. Our morning began well before breakfast with an announcement from the bridge of a wildlife sighting: nearly half a dozen actively feeding humpback whales sprinkled around the ship in all directions, fluking left and right. After breakfast, we spent the morning orienting our guests with all the safety protocols necessary for a fun and safe week. Photo instructor Alex Rubenstein blew everyone’s minds away with the hidden world of wizardry in our smartphones.

After lunch and a few more visits from humpback whales (!), we cruised through Endicott Arm via Zodiacs. Exploring the incredible vastness of this fjord system was stunning with icebergs and bergy bits galore. The sloping granitic backdrop tells a story of hundreds of years of ecological growth, with lichen and moss and spruce trees, oh my. And nearly a dozen harbor seals! How lucky we were to witness the beautiful start to pupping season. Dinner greeted us with two more humpback whales off the stern through the dining room windows, followed by more whales off the bow. We wish everyone a full night of sleep tonight before our early morning hikes at Ideal Cove.