Our morning started docked at Djupivogur, a great location in eastern Iceland.

Our intrepid guests were divided according to activities. Some went to explore Diamond Beach and the nearby glacier lagoon, where they took great pictures of icebergs stranded by the currents. Others went to observe the coastal wetlands and black sand beaches, where they could see plenty of shorebirds. And the ones really looking for some exercise departed on the Halsar Hike, which would take us through the Icelandic soft mossy tundra, up to the peaks of Djupivogur.

On our 5.6 mile hike (which had 670 feet elevation gain), through the mossy tundra, we encountered fulmars nesting on the cliffs, ravens, and a couple of golden plovers, which whistled at us, probably because they were nesting in the nearby area. The last stretch of the hike went through a forest (yes - there are some forests in Iceland!), where we could hear the song of the goldcrest, one of the smaller passerines in Europe.

It was a delightful hike, and thanks to our local guide we learned about local plants, elves, hidden people, trolls and Icelandic folklore. Certainly, a nice way to exercise and enjoy the landscape while learning new things!