This morning we awoke to blue skies and calm seas as we entered Mikkelsen Harbour, Trinity Island for a sunny morning landing on a little island called D’Hainut.  We were treated to a colony of gentoo penguins with lots of fluffy chicks running around after their parents begging to get fed.  We also got to see some fur seals and Weddell seals laid up on shore lazing in the morning sunshine.

The morning fun didn’t end there!  Some brave souls undertook a polar plunge into the icy repugnant waters of Antarctica, and some of the crazier amongst us even went twice!

After lunch we were treated to some fantastic views of fluking humpback whales as we made our way further north along the peninsula.

This evening we arrived into Lindblad Cove where we had beautiful evening light and glassy sea conditions, so we just had to take advantage, and after dinner we headed out for some kayaking and Zodiac cruising amongst the spectacular ice that surrounded our home away from home.