Today was our last day of exploration in Antarctica. Our expedition leader, Michael Jackson, decided to visit two of the most geologically unique places in Antarctica: Deception Island and Edinburgh Hill.

Deception Island is famous for its volcanic activity, and our guests enjoyed the unique landscape, a walk to Neptune’s Bellows, a walk around the destroyed whaling station, the discovery of the two flowering plants, and the chance to see springtails! The smoky beach (there is still volcanic activity right under the beach) with its sulfurous steam is certainly something to remember.

Later, we visited Edinburgh Hill. This is a very conspicuous volcanic knob by the entrance of Moon Bay on the east part of Livingston Island. Majestic basalt columns form this volcanic core, making it a unique geological feature that our guest could enjoy. Conditions for the Zodiac cruise were perfect: no wind, sunny, and a peaceful evening. With this perfect last visit, we started sailing north. Next stop, Cape Horn!