People who are not on our expedition might think of sea days as a day of having nothing to do, and that would be a mistake. Sea days give you a chance to regroup in between days of incredible encounters. They allow you to reflect upon the things you have seen and begin to understand what you have experienced. They are days looking for whales and other sea life, and they are days filled with lectures and a gathering of information that sets our company apart from all the others.

Depending on where the sea days fall during the adventure, they mean different things to different people. Today, a sea day, happens to fall right after our last day in Madagascar. To be sure, our journey is not yet over, but a part of it is, and so it is a day to soak in the reality of having just visited one of the most truly remarkable places on the planet. There are so many things we will remember: the heat, the lemurs, the chameleons, and for me, the people we have seen and met along the way. So, on this sea day, I want my Daily Expedition Report to celebrate the wonderful, colorful people of Madagascar, their culture, their spirit, and their humanity.