Today our expedition on National Geographic Endurance took us away from Arctic Canada, and through Davis Strait as we approached our destination of Greenland. Our day was filled with fascinating and fun activities on board the ship! We started with a presentation from the Undersea Team, James Hyde and Christine West, and learned more about scuba diving in polar regions. We tried on some of the underwater gear, learned about the risks and techniques of polar scuba diving, and viewed some footage from different dives in polar regions. We then had a chance to ask both divers questions about things that are changing in our world’s oceans, which was very interesting. We enjoyed a spectacular brunch in restaurant Two Seven Zero. It was a delicious spread that included a variety of fruits and vegetables, cheeses, salads, meats, soups, potatoes, and pastries—truly something for everyone! In the afternoon, naturalist Stefano Pozzi gave an incredible talk about his year spent living in the High Arctic. Who knew talking about serious topics could be so funny? Staff and guests then gathered together to play a hilarious game of Arctic Pictionary, a game designed just for this trip. The clues for the Arctic Pictionary game included the concepts discussed during natural history presentations, places we have visited on the trip, staff members, and different types of local foods we tried on our travels. We had a blast during our day at sea, and we can’t wait to see the beautiful colors of Greenland tomorrow!

Photo caption and photographer: Saying goodbye to the incredible fjords of Arctic Canada wasn’t easy, and we were out on deck watching the ice until the very last minute. What a spectacular expedition we are on! Photo by Christine Regent West