We spent the morning visiting a Gentoo penguin colony at Damoy Point, located on Wiencke Island in the Palmer Archipelago. Then we made our way to the historic Damoy Hut, built in 1975 by the British Antarctic Survey and last occupied in 1993. When sea ice prevented ships from reaching Rothera Research Station, the hut served as a transit station for staff and supplies. The Bahia Dorian Hut, established in 1953 by the Argentine Navy and used as an emergency refuge, is located nearby.

The staff made a trail to visit a Gentoo penguin colony on a nearby hill. Penguins gathered and mated, a few laying eggs. Gentoo penguins have black heads with white bonnets and prominent brush tails.

After lunch, we spent the afternoon looking for whales in the Gerlache Strait, where we spotted several humpback whales. We also viewed the Sir David Attenborough, a research vessel used by the British Antarctic Survey. Dr. Tom Hart, penguinologist, gave a talk on penguin conservation, and guest speaker Tom Ritchie shared his Antarctica stories.