A pocket of beautiful sunlight shone on the totem poles of the Haida Heritage Center as we made our way past the town of Skidegate and into port in the community of Daajing Giids this morning. After breakfast, groups got on buses and headed to the trailhead of Spirit Lake. Our Haida cultural interpreter, Elsie, welcomed us to the trail and told us the story of Wasco, a supernatural being, part wolf and part orca, that makes its home in this area. Our hikes took different groups to different locations, and a beautiful time was had by all as we walked in a lush forest surrounded by so many shades of green. After lunch back on the ship, we took to the buses again for the Haida Heritage Center. Guided tours of both the inside and outside grounds of the center helped orient and inform us of the incredible history of the Haida people, who have lived on these islands for over 14,000 years. As we set sail during evening recap, a double rainbow appeared in the western sky – an incredible way to end this special first day in Haida Gwaii.