National Geographic Sea Bird sailed into Crow Butte in the early morning while guests on the bow enjoyed viewing the Columbia River, which forms the border between Washington and Oregon. Guests had the option of an aerobic hike, nature hike, photo hike, and history walk around Crow Butte and Crow Butte Campground.

The beauty of the area awed guests, sporting views of local vineyards, dams, wildlife refuges, and the dry sagebrush-step ecosystem that dominates the area. Guests spied a variety of wildflowers and birds of prey, including spotting a golden eagle.

After hiking, guests enjoyed a hot beverage on shore brought by National Geographic Sea Bird’s hospitality team, followed by an informal chat on food, wine, and energy by Naturalist Patrick MacQuarrie and Wine Expert Eric Degerman.

After lunch, the ship transited the McNary Dam and Lock, the last one on the Columbia River. Guests were treated to an expert presentation on geology by Naturalist Kyle Bowman, and ‘Lewis and Clark Lead to World’s No.1 Wine’, presented by Wine Expert Eric Degerman. The evening concluded with cocktail hour, traditional recap, and dinner while sailing through the Wallula Gap.