This morning, National Geographic Endurance sailed across the Antarctic Circle at 66.33 degrees south. Huzzah! After taking a celebratory group photo, we continued slipping between icebergs on our way to the Gullet. Naturalist Jackie Weston regaled us with fascinating facts about penguin physiology in a presentation. Massive, icy forms passed by our portholes and seemed to take on shapes resembling frog faces, cupcakes, and even Godzilla to those creatively inclined.

The wind was howling at approximately 30-40 knots around us, but we braved the whipping cold and took the opportunity to explore the icy forms as the wind tapered a bit in the afternoon. On a few ice floes, we found napping crabeater seals as snow petrels swished by in the sky. After warming up aboard, Naturalist Gillian McPherson gave a presentation on the intricacies within the Antarctic food web.

We wrapped up the day with our evening recap and a new ferocity for the melting rate of ice as Naturalist Emily Mall brought back a large growler.

This post is dedicated to Mairi Fenton’s mum, with love.