In Scotland, we have a very useful word to describe weather that is grey and rainy: ‘dreich.’ This morning was a very dreich morning, and the rain poured as we departed Banavie and completed our final transit of the Caledonian Canal. Guests gathered in the warmth of the lounge to watch the rain come down, and we were pleasantly surprised when the sun began to peek out from behind the clouds as we crossed Loch Linnhe.

As we crossed the west side of the Narrows of Loch Linnhe, we saw the beautiful Corran Lighthouse that was built in 1860 as a project by Thomas Stevenson and David Stevenson. Not long after, we entered the Sound of Mull, and we gathered with our cameras to capture the scenic approach into Oban.

Oban is a bustling little town with a wide variety of shops and cafes, and we spent the afternoon exploring this charming place. Guests could either walk up to McCaig’s Tower, a colosseum-shaped landmark, or take a longer walk down to Dunollie Castle. Both options provided an interesting insight into the region’s history as well as beautiful views.

Later in the evening, we had an interesting (and delicious) whisky tasting that was paired with local chocolates. Guests learnt about the different Scotch whisky regions and the various tasting notes associated with them. While some people loved the peaty Laphroaig, others struggled with its strong, smoky flavour. By the end of the evening, we were definitely well warmed from a few drams and were ready for a sleep!