Early this morning National Geographic Sea Lion was steaming downstream on the Columbia River toward the first of four dams and locks that we would be passing through on our voyage west. This lock, McNary, was opened in 1957 and created Lake Wallula on the upstream side of the dam. After transiting through the lock we continued down past the town of Umatilla, then on past the town of Irrigon, to the site of our afternoon activities: Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge!

Even though the wind was blowing a bit strong, our hearty guests ventured out in the Zodiacs to see what might be found on this large refuge. They were not disappointed, an assortment of waterfowl was staged on the waters, including at least several thousand snow geese, which put on a magnificent show as they exploded into the air en masse, circling overhead. Another great day on the Columbia River!