Greetings from aboard National Geographic Sea Lion! Today was an exhilarating day as we cruised east along the majestic Columbia River, delving into the rich history and natural wonders that define this remarkable region. Our adventure began at sunrise as we navigated the iconic Bonneville Lock and Dam. The tranquil waters of the river mirrored the breathtaking hues of the morning sky, creating a serene backdrop as we ascended through the lock. It was a captivating start to our day, and the lock's engineering marvels left us in awe.

Next, we ventured into the lush forests of the Columbia River Gorge, where the mesmerizing Multnomah Falls awaited. Towering over 600 feet, this natural wonder cascaded in graceful splendor. We hiked the picturesque trail to Benson Bridge, feeling the misty spray of the falls on our faces — a refreshing reminder of the power of nature.

Our journey continued to the salmon hatchery, where we gained insights into the vital efforts to preserve the salmon populations in the Columbia River. Witnessing these incredible fish up close and learning about their life cycle left us with a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance of this ecosystem.

Lunchtime found us at the Crag Rat Hut, a rustic haven nestled amidst the wilderness. As we savored our meals, we marveled at the rugged beauty that surrounded us — a true taste of the Pacific Northwest's wild heart. We continued to Draper Girls Apple Orchard, where we indulged in cider tasting. The crisp flavors of freshly pressed apples danced on our palates, a perfect way to savor the essence of this bountiful region.

In the afternoon, we explored the remarkable WAAAM (Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum), a treasure trove of vintage cars and planes. The history and craftsmanship on display were a testament to the ingenuity of past eras.

As the day drew to a close, we returned to National Geographic Sea Lion, our floating home and base for exploration. Our hearts were full of the memories we made, from natural wonders to cultural delights. Tomorrow holds new horizons as we continue our journey. Stay tuned for more remarkable discoveries and adventures!