This morning, we woke up next to an interesting lake, Clavero Lake. This lake was formed when the Ucayali River changed its course many years ago. Even though the water still flows to the river, it remains deep enough to be a good place for fishing.

We explored our surroundings on skiffs. We could see the “riberenos” setting up gill nets and checking on their catches. Opportunistic birds soared around the boats, trying to see if the fishermen might turn away from their bounty for a moment.

It was a morning loaded with different bird sightings. Our naturalist explained the forest dynamics of the area and the natural history of the diverse wildlife.

In the afternoon, we had another opportunity to explore the riverside of the mighty Ucayali River. The low water season is beginning, and a lot of migratory birds are starting to gather and enjoy the food that is found aplenty here. There is so much to see and so much to learn about the Upper Amazon’s biodiversity.