Our day began with a lovely sunrise along the Ucayali River. We had navigated during the night, and we finally arrived at our morning destination, Calvero Lake. We were so anxious to explore this area of the reserve.

Right after a delicious breakfast, we loaded the skiff and departed for the entrance of the lake. Several pink dolphins, together with gray dolphins, were spotted hunting right at the mouth of the lake. Here the black waters of the lake merge with the Ucayali River.

We spotted several great egrets also hunting along the shoreline. As we navigated across the lake, we spotted several fishermen preparing the nets while others collected their catches. Different species of birds were sighted in the area, including a big highlight: a family of the elusive pygmy marmosets.

In the afternoon, we continued exploring the river’s edge. Our naturalist spotted more birds and primates. It was a very active afternoon.

As the sun began to set, it was also our moment to return to the vessel and share our amazing sightings.