Our first full day of this week’s expedition took us to two amazing destinations: Clavero Lake in the morning and Supay River in the afternoon.

After breakfast, we visited Clavero Lake on a skiff ride around the lake. We explored inside Bagazan Caño, a small stream. Upon entering the lake at the beginning of the ride, we enjoyed a delightful sighting of several Amazon bird species, including kingfishers, birds of prey, parrots, cormorants, egrets, herons, trogons, and various others. Today was a great day for photography, and we had opportunities to capture lots of memories of these birds in photos.

In the afternoon, Delfin II repositioned to Supay River. We spent a good couple of hours exploring our surroundings. We found many more neotropical bird species and a couple of squirrel and pygmy marmoset monkey troops as well.