Last night we had a peaceful night’s sleep as Delfin II was tied to a tree on the edge of the river (Anchors are useless here in the Amazon, as they would only drag along the bottom of the river with nothing to grab.)

Early morning we eagerly awoke for another adventure. In the tropical rainforest it makes a lot of sense to do exactly what the wildlife does, to start early when it’s cooler, waking up hungry and active. Luckily, we can afford the time to enjoy a wonderful breakfast onboard Delfin II before going out… And so we did!

Today we explored much further into the tributaries of the Amazon, into Clavero Lake and Supay Creek. We had great skiff explorations with wonderful sightings of many of the interesting animals of the Amazon basin, including the iconic pink dolphins which accompanied us everywhere, and titi and saki monkeys. The highlight of the day was no doubt the smallest but the hardest of all to see… seven inches of monkey, the smallest primate in the world! We spied tiny pigmy marmoset, and indeed we saw them running up and down the branches of the trees by the water, not far from our skiffs. It was an exceptional sighting in an exceptional place. Just another day in the Amazon!