Today is the second day of our expedition, and we are fully enjoying all the pleasures of Delfin II and our adventure on the Amazon River.

Early in the morning, we arrived at a location known as Capitan Clavero. A community by the same name is located nearby. A cargo ship literally “docked” near our ship to offload their cargo on the only piece of land available. People from all over arrived by foot and in little canoes, ready to collect what was delivered. All kinds of trading commenced just a few feet from our ship. It was very interesting to see how cargo is delivered to villagers.

Our adventure started early in the morning with a nice kayaking option on nearby Clavero Lake. This black water lagoon offers access to many creeks, and we used one of them for an exploration on the skiffs after breakfast. Our adventure was on the wet side, but the exploration was very successful. We encountered several pink river dolphins, sloths, and birds along the way.

During the afternoon, we traveled upriver until we reached a location known as Iricahua Creek. After a nice lunch and a wonderful photo presentation, we boarded skiffs and explored the creek.

The afternoon was as sunny as it gets. The temperature dropped in the late afternoon, and it was simply delightful to enjoy the breeze as we traveled on skiffs to look for wildlife. Birds are always delightful to see, and lots of colorful ones showed up, making identification easy. Our expert naturalists identified several species, and we took great photos in the perfect afternoon light! It was simply a fantastic way to finish the day.