We woke up early, eager to explore the mouth of Clavero Lake. As we set off, pink and gray river dolphins welcomed us, their playful presence a delightful start to our day. Along the riverbank, yellow-headed cara caras and great egrets added to the vibrant scene. Following breakfast, we ventured deeper into the lake, encountering a diverse array of wildlife including several monkey species and hawks. It was, without doubt, a splendid morning.

Our afternoon was marked by an upstream journey of several hours, leading us to our next destination: a blackwater tributary of the Ucayali River. This narrow creek, a hidden gem, revealed an array of wildlife including macaws, sloths, and numerous tropical birds. Our return to the ship was graced by the enchanting golden light of the setting sun, casting a serene glow over the lush forest. It was a picturesque end to an extraordinary day of exploration.